How to create a wonderful Watermark!

Dec 5, 2019 | Word Hints and Tips

Do you want to mark your documents as confidential or add your company logo subtly in the background on each page.  If so then watermarks are the option you need.

Creating a Watermark

The watermark option has moved between the tabs on different versions of the software.  In the latest versions it is found on the Design tab but in earlier versions you will find it on the Insert tab.

Image of watermark options

Select the watermark icon. Pre-set options like confidential, do not copy and draft can be selected from the main list with the choice of these words being horizontal or diagonal.

Custom Watermarks

For more flexibility there is the option of custom watermark.  This gives the choice of adding a picture or text watermark.

Image of custom watermark

Picture Watermark

The picture is chosen from any you have already stored on your computer, the size is adjusted using the scaling if required and washout is normally used to make the picture more subtle so it doesn’t detract from the text in front of it.

Text Watermark

For text watermarks the language can be altered then the text can be chosen from the pre-set list of options or overtyped to show any text required.  The font type, size and colour can be altered then the text can be set to washout and can be displayed either horizontally or vertically.

Delete Watermark

A watermark can be deleted by choosing remove watermark from the Watermark icon.

Reusing custom watermarks

If you want to use a custom watermark on lots of different documents, then it can be saved to the watermark gallery.  An initial version of the watermark is created in the main document first.   The watermark needs to be selected to be able to save it and this is done by double-clicking in the header and selecting the watermark from here by using the shortcut CTRL + A  (select all).  Save to Watermark gallery is chosen from the Watermark icon.  It can be given a useful name for future reference but should not be stored anywhere other than the watermark gallery or it won’t be available in the main list of pre-set watermarks.

Categories are used to subdivide the watermarks into useful subcategories.  Existing categories can be used or a new one created if required.  The watermark will now sit in the initial list of options when the Watermark icon is clicked.  When Word is closed there will be a choice to save the changes to building blocks.  If this is done then it will be available for all new documents created otherwise the changes made will be lost.

Image of watermark gallery

Removing a custom watermark

To remove a watermark stored in the watermark gallery select the Watermark icon.  Find the watermark stored.  By right-clicking on it you get the option of Organise and Delete.  The selected watermark can be deleted and any properties can be altered by using Edit properties.

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