How to access frequently used files more quickly in Teams

Jun 8, 2023 | Microsoft 365 Hints and Tips, Microsoft Teams Hints and Tips

There are always going to be files that we need to access more frequently than others and if we can find a quick way to access them then this is going to save us loads of time in the long run.  Here we will look at 2 options that will help.  These are Pin to top and Make this a tab.

Pin to top

Pin to top allows each folder to have it’s own favourites pinned to the top of the file list for easy access.  These can be files or folders.

  1. Go to the required Microsoft Teams channel
  2. Select the file or folder to be pinned
  3. Click on Pin to Top
Pin to top image

4. The file or folder will now show with a mini preview above the other files

Preview pin to top image

5. To change the order of the files and folders select the file or folder in the file list or the thumbnail pinned above it

6. Click on Edit pin

Edit pin image

7. Use the Move left and/or Move right options.  The options available will depend on the current location of the file within this pinned list.  If there is only 1 file pinned this will not be available

8. To remove the file from being pinned select the file or folder in the file list or the thumbnail pinned above it

9. Click on Edit Pin

10. Click on Unpin

Make this a tab

This enables the file to be visible regardless of which folder you are currently accessing by adding it as a new tab at the top of the team channel.  A file that the team members are regularly updating would be a good example of a file it would be sensible to pin.

  1. Go to the required teams channel
  2. Select the file 
  3. Click on Make this a tab
Make this a tab image

4. The file will now be able to be accessed from the tabs at the top after Posts and Files

5. The tab can be removed by right clicking on the tab and choosing Remove.  This will only delete the file from the tab. It will still be available from the original file location where it was stored.

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