How do I use One Drive to Share Files?

Sep 26, 2019 | Microsoft 365 Hints and Tips

Why would you use One Drive to share files?

You have a file that you want to share with someone else.  Or even a folder that contains a range of files that you want to work on together.  Emailing the files is OK but you are now working on totally independent versions of the file and it would be useful if you were updating the same information so that you know the changes you are viewing are the most recent.  This is where sharing from One Drive is of benefit.  It also stops your inbox getting clogged up with huge files and you can normally find the files more easily with a well set up file structure than from a long list of emails.

How to share your file or folder

Image of share dialogue box

Access One Drive from your Office 365 logon to see any files or folders that are currently stored in One Drive. The file or folder can be shared by using the share button, right-clicking on the file or folder or clicking on the 3 dots that appear after the file or folder.  You will need to select who you are sharing with and whether they have access to only view the file or to edit too. 

You can send an expiry date after which the files can no longer be accessed.  This sends an email to the other person containing a link to the location where your One Drive files are stored.

How to see files that have been shared with you

Image to show files shared with me

Files that have been shared with you can be accessed from the shared button on the left side of the screen.  By default file shared with me will be viewed but the tab at the top can be selected to view files that you have shared instead.

How to stop sharing

If there is an expiry date set then the link to access the file will stop working after that time.  Otherwise you can stop the sharing by setting one.

Using One Drive to share files is a convenient way to collaborate on files with others.

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