How do I record my slide show?

Jul 7, 2022 | PowerPoint Hints and Tips

Recording your slide show has been a feature in Microsoft PowerPoint for a long time but it was recently revamped to make the experience more flexible and easier to master. 

How do I access the recording functionality?

There are 3 ways to start recording in PowerPoint 

  • The Record button that is always available at the top right of the PowerPoint screen 
Record icon
  • The Record button on the Slide Show Tab. You can record from the beginning or the current slide 
Record from slide show tab
  • The Record Tab where you can record from the Beginning or the Current Slide.  This is also where a whole range of other recording related options can be found
Record from record tab

NOTE: If you start recording from current slide or beginning this can be amended once you are in the main recording window 

Setting up for recording 

Turn your camera on if you wish by selecting the Camera icon and Blur the background if you need to from the Camera Mode icon at the bottom of the screen 

Check you are using the right audio and camera by clicking on the ellipses 

Make sure any speaker notes you may find useful have been added to the presentation in the notes section at the bottom of the screen before you start to record  

The notes will show when you Record in the teleprompter above your slides in Teleprompter view.  The notes will also show in Presenter view where the next slide and notes are shown on the right of the screen.  The other view is Slide View which only shows the slide.  These can be changed using the Views icon at the bottom of the screen 

Start Recording 

  1. Click on the red Start Recording icon at the top of the screen 
  2. There will be a 3, 2, 1 countdown before the recording begins 
  3. Talk as you normally would when sharing the information in the presentation 
  4. Use the Laser Pointer, Pen or Highlighter in different colours to emphasise information on the slide 
  5. When you are ready move on to the next slide using the forward arrow at the bottom of the screen 
  6. Let slide transitions play first before you start talking as Narration won’t record while the transitions are playing 
  7. When you are finished press the Stop Recording icon 

If you are not happy with any of the slides then Retake Narration will let you try again for either the Current Slide or All Slides 

Click the Export button to save the presentation as a video. The Customise Export option allows for the resolution to be changed or the recorded timings and narrations to be ignored 

Extra Options from the Record Tab 

Preview – You can preview what you have recorded 

Screen Recording – You can record actions on your screen which are saved into the slide and play back automatically when the slide show is presented.  When you want to stop recording use the shortcut WINDOWS + SHIFT + Q or  press the Stop Recording button which appears when you hover near the top of the screen 

Audio – Record audio which plays back automatically when the slide show is run.  Use the Start Recording and Stop recording buttons 

Clear Recording – The recording can be cleared from the Current Slide or All Slides 

Save as Show – The presentation is saved as a PowerPoint Show file type (.ppsx).  This file type run the slide show automatically when the file is opened and gives no way to edit the presentation 

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