How do I assign a new meeting organiser in breakout rooms?

Mar 17, 2022 | Microsoft Teams Hints and Tips

Breakout rooms have been part of the Microsoft Teams meeting experience since October 2020 but one of the bug bears that many people have had is that the meeting organiser has been the only one who is able to set them up and adjust them. 

That isn’t a problem if the meeting organiser is actually in the meeting but what if the organiser has set up the meeting on behalf of someone else.  A classic example of this could be a PA creating a meeting for their manager.  Until recently the manager would have needed to set up the meeting themselves or the PA would have need to attend the meeting and administrate the breakout rooms.  Or maybe the meeting organiser is sick on the day and no longer able to attend. 

This is no longer an issue as the meeting organiser can now nominate another presenter to manage the breakout room either before the meeting starts or while the meeting is in progress. 

Changing the meeting organiser before the meeting starts 

1. Edit the meeting from the calendar from Microsoft Teams 

2. Click on Breakout rooms tab at the top 

Breakout rooms tab

3. Click on the Room settings cog at the top right of the screen  

Breakout rooms settings

4. Turn on the slider to Assign presenters to manage rooms 

Assign presenters to manage room

5. Select one of the presenters to take over the breakout manager role 

NOTE: If the person is currently an attendee their role will need to be changed to a presenter first to be able to do this.  This can be done by completing the following steps from within a meeting. 

  1. Click on Show participants icon 
Show participants icon

2. Hover over the person who you want to change to a presenter 

3. Select Make presenter 


By changing who can present from the meeting options.  This can be done before the meeting commences or while the meeting is in progress. 

Change the meeting organiser during a meeting 

The process is similar. 

1. Click on the Breakout Rooms icon on the toolbar to show the Breakout rooms pane.   If there are currently no breakout rooms created you may need to create some to enable this pane to appear 

Breakout rooms icon

2. Click on the Rooms settings cog on the pane 

Breakout room settings in meeting]

3. Complete steps 4 and 5 as above 

I’m very glad to see this additional functionality enabled.  Many were excited when breakout rooms first appeared but less so when this feature wasn’t there. 

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