Filled Maps in Excel

Sep 24, 2020 | Excel Hints and Tips

Do you work with geographical data?  By showing this information on a map the data can be understood more easily.  It can be used with countries, counties or post codes.

Image of Filled map

Setting up the data for filled maps

The first step involves creating a simple summary table including a column with the geographical information and another which is numerical to show the relative sizes of the information.  Once this is completed the data (including the headings is selected).

Image of County Data

Producing the chart for filled maps

Next the Filled Maps option is chosen from the Maps icon and a map showing the data has been created.  The options from this point forward are similar to those you get when a chart or graph is created but with slightly less choices.  However all the options are specifically map related.

The Chart Design tab contains a lot of the most useful options.

Image of Chart Ribbon

Add Chart Element:

Chart Title – can choose where the title is situated.  The text can be edited directly on the chart

Data Labels – shows a label directly on the chart.  By default this shows the value but more label options allows this to be changed  to the series or category name instead.

Legend – allows the location of the key to be moved

Quick layouts:

Instead of using the chart elements a few pre created layouts can be used instead.

Change Colours:

The colours used in the key can be altered.

Chart Styles:

These are pre created styles of chart which can enhance the look of the maps

Select Data:

This can be used to add new data or reduce the range of data if the range of cells containing data has expanded or contracted

Move Chart:

The chart can be moved to a sheet on its own if required.

So if the data you have is location based consider whether this type of representation is a better way to show your figures.  Bear in mind that if you don’t have this feature you may not have the most up to date version of Microsoft Excel.



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