Top 20 Excel Shortcuts

Jul 26, 2018 | Excel Hints and Tips

Excel is such a sophisticated program there are a huge range of shortcuts that are particularly useful in this package.  Many of those stated here are related to formatting but there are also several involving calculations and a smattering of others too.

F4 in formula – Inserts dollars to fix the cell (absolute referencing).  Used repeatedly it loops round the 4 possible options of fixing everything, just the rows, and nothing

CTRL + H – Replace.  Finds certain text and replaces it with something else.  If only 1 cell is selected it operates on the whole spreadsheet, otherwise it only works on the cells selected.  There is another option to search only for entire cell contents

Hover over the bottom right corner of a cell until the cursor becomes a black cross then double click – Autofills down, normally to the end of the data but if there are blank cell in the previous column this may not be successful.  It’s useful for sequences of data such as Jan, Feb, Mar or calculations.

F2 – Edit cell.  The cursor flashes in the cell so editing can take place

F11 – Insert chart.  Inserts a 2D clustered column chart

CTRL + SHIFT + $ –  Currency format

CTRL + SHIFT + %  –  % format

F4 (not in formula) – Repeats previous action

ALT + = – Autosum

CTR L + + or CTRL +  –  –  Insert/delete row/column

CTRL + PgUp/PgDn – Next/previous sheet tab

CTRL + `  –  Show formulas.  Replaces the answers in the cells with the calculation used to create them

ALT + ENTER – New line in same cell.  Used to move text onto the next line but staying in the same cell.  You must be editing the cell when this action is performed

CTRL + ; –  Insert date, CTRL + SHIFT + ; –  Insert time

CTRL + ‘ – Copy formula from cell above

CTRL + D – Fill down

CTRL + SHIFT + # – Date format with day, month, year

CTRL + SHIFT + 1 – Number format to 2 decimal places, with thousand separator and ‘-‘ for negative values

CTRL + Q – Quick analysis options including conditional formatting, charts and sparklines

ESC – If editing a cell then it returns to the data before the edit began.  If copying it switches off copy dotted lines

There are plenty of other shortcuts in Excel but these are some of my personal favourites.

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