Excel Conditional Formatting New updates

Oct 21, 2021 | Excel Hints and Tips

Microsoft 365 is constantly updating month on month and Conditional formatting in Microsoft Excel has recently had a mini overhaul.  This will only be available for those with a Microsoft 365 licence not a stand alone 2019 Excel licence.

When working with conditional formatting you are creating formatting that changes as the data updates.  This can be really useful when you want data to stand out whether it is text, date or number or to get a good feel of the size of the information without having to read every figure.  There are features available that cover all these scenarios.

Conditional formatting has had several updates over the years but nothing much for a while.  In fact the last big update brought in the use of colour scales, icon sets and data bars in 2007 with improvements to the flexibility of them coming in 2010.  All these new options were created to provide more exciting and informative solutions when working with numbers.

There have been 2 less significant update recently but that doesn’t mean they are less useful.

New features

Resizing the dialog box

The dialog boxes for New Rules or Manage Rules can now be resized.  What is odd however is that the New Rule one can only be made wider or narrower, but the Manage Rules box can resized in either direction!!  This option is particularly useful if the rules are more complicated than the norm and this allows more space to view them.

Duplicate Rules

The other change is that the Rules Manager now has the option of duplicating rules.  This makes the creation of many rules that are only slightly different so much easier.  The more complicated these rules are the more useful this becomes.  An example of this could be colour coding specific text in specific colours.

Duplicate Rule

Always keep an eye out for any changes that come along.  It is so easy not to notice that a new option has appeared as our eye is naturally drawn to information we already know is there.  You never know, that option you have been always waiting for may be the next new thing in Microsoft 365!

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