Enhancing Sound and Video in Microsoft Teams

Jul 28, 2022 | Microsoft Teams Hints and Tips

Sound and video in Microsoft Teams meetings has been variable and depended to a large extent on where your meeting was taking place.  While your working environment may have been controllable to some degree this has not always been the case.  Being able to control certain factors such as suppressing unnecessary noise and adjusting brightness and focus from within Microsoft Teams itself has got to be a welcome addition to many.  This can be particularly useful in a busy office or a public place.

Where can the Device Settings be found?

When you join a meeting, but before you are actually in the meeting, the cog icon can be used to open device settings.  Alternatively, from within the meeting click on the ellipses on the toolbar and select Device Settings from there.  All the options below are available from the Device Settings.

Device Settings Pane

Noise Suppression

This option supresses background noise that isn’t speech.  The options are Auto, High, Low or Off.  If you want music to play but want noise suppression on the option must be set to Low.  The default is Auto and is a good choice to try to begin with.

NOTE: On the high setting, my barking dogs get silenced but my voice goes quiet too so it is difficult to hear.

Mirror my video

This only changes the video for you.  The option doesn’t currently work in together mode.

Adjust Brightness

This adjusts the level of brightness if the lighting is poor thus making the video clarity better.

Soft Focus

This applies a smoothing effect to your appearance.  Once it is turned on the level of soft focus can be adjusted.

Other Audio Settings

In addition to these newer options there is also the option of changing which audio device, speaker and microphone are being used.  For the speaker it can be switched on or off and the speaker level can be set.  For the microphone it can be switched on and off.

It will be interesting to see what other options get added in the future to make the user experience in Microsoft Teams even better.

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