Email signatures in Microsoft Outlook

Aug 5, 2021 | Outlook Hints and Tips

Creating an email signature that is added to the bottom of any emails you send out is really useful.  It not only saves time but it can also be used as a tool to share further contact details with clients and even newsletter sign ups. 

These can be added automatically to every email sent or a number of different signatures can be created and the appropriate one added when required.  These could be more formal or informal depending on who the recipient is. 

Although this blog is related specifically to signatures in Microsoft Outlook they can be added to most other email packages too in a similar way. 

Create an email signature 

1. From the File menu choose Options 

2. Select Mail and Signatures 

3. Click New to create a new signature 

Create new signature

4. Give the signature a name 

5. There will now be an option to edit the signature.  As well as adding text this can include formatting like colours and links to social media.  A picture, like a logo can also been added 

6. Once created the email signature can be applied to a specific E-Mail account and to New messages, Replies/forwards or both

Signatures and staionery

Change email signature applied 

When a new email is created a signature will have automatically been added if this option is chosen.  However, this can be changed if required or a signature added if no default is set 

1. Start creating a new email as normal 

2. Click on the Signature icon 

3. Choose the signature you want to apply and it will be added to the end of the email.  If a signature already exists this will be replaced 

Signature icon

4. The signatures can also be amended from here 

In some companies the email signature may be created centrally and the option to alter it may not be available.  It may include information such as disclaimers that the views in the email are those of the individual and not necessarily representative of the company.  If these email signatures need to be altered for any reason you would need to contact the IT team who would have the rights to make these changes. 

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