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Apr 22, 2021 | General

I am not ashamed to say I love a good cup of builders tea and try not to count how many I consume before my working day is through but there must be some better alternatives. Isn’t there?

In this second guest blog from Gwen from It’s from scratch she explores some interesting alternatives and why they should be included in your daily drinks rota. 

I’ll let Gwen introduce herself and her company. 

Hello, I’m Gwen of It’s From Scratch. Thanks for having me back to talk about the drink issues we have when working at a desk all day.  All things food and drink is our passion at It’s from Scratch.  We want to make recipes a reality for everyone by making ingredients accessible (take a peek at our online shop)  and getting them used in your kitchen through our virtual cookalongs

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Drinks for a day at the Computer

It’s 10am, time for coffee

12:00 and thoughts turn to lunch and another coffee

2:30pm and you’ve worked so hard it’s definitely time for yet another cup isn’t it?

4:30pm You start to think about dinner but just time for another cuppa first

Getting up to make/buy a brew gives you that all important time away from your desk to rest your eyes and stretch your muscles but the right type of drink can help improve our concentration as well as our general wellbeing.


Keeping well hydrated is so important.  Many of us (me included) need a hot drink at frequent intervals to get us through the day.  Varying your drinks however is important.  If you are having a caffeinated drink (coffee or tea) consider swapping to decaff for all but your first drink and your mid afternoon one).  Caffeine can help some people with energy and concentration but it does have many downsides including dehydration (which is odd for a drink right?)  Decaff drinks now have very few taste differences and are widely available.  If you still need a ‘pick me up’ type drink, Peppermint tea is just the ticket! 

Water is crucial.  To help you drink the recommended amount put a 2L container of it on your desk and aim to empty it by the end of the day.  Once you can manage that treat yourself to a 3L container… 

If you think you are hungry/snacky try having a drink first, you may just have been thirsty. 

If you have a blender/smoothie maker you can whizz something up in the time it would have taken to boil the kettle.  You also get 2- 3 mins of mindful chopping which is a great rest for your brain on a busy day.  Time for a recipe… 

Melon and Orange Smoothie (serves 1) 

What you need: 

  • Half a small melon (such as a Galia) or a good wedge of a watermelon
  • 75ml of freshly squeezed orange juice (if you don’t have an orange use juice from a carton) 
  • A sprig of mint (but this is optional) 
  1. Scoop seeds from Melon and chop into chunks 
  2. Squeeze the orange.  Add the juice plus the melon to the blender 
  3. Add a couple of ice cubes and the mint if using 
  4. Whizz.  Pour into a glass and enjoy 

Recipe from ‘Fruit’ by Hugh Fearnley-Whittonstall 

Melon and Orange Smoothie

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