Customising the Start Menu

May 27, 2021 | Windows 10 Hints and Tips

Speed up accessing applications by customising the Start menu 

In Windows 10 everything can be accessed from the start menu and in addition tiles for common applications can be used to get to some of the most popular products more quickly without having to scroll down the long list.  However the initial setup will not be tailored for your specific needs so you may find there are applications that you never use added and ones you work with all the time that are missing. 

This is where customisation comes in!! 

Adding extra Tiles to the Start Pane 

Any application listed in the full alphabetical list can be added to the start pane easily by right clicking on the application to add from the full list in the start menu and choosing Pin to Start.

Pin to Start in Windows 10

Moving Tiles in the Start Pane 

The Start Pane is already divided into groups.  For example, all the Microsoft products will be listed together.  Tiles can be moved using a simple drag and drop technique.  If it is dragged within the existing icons it will be added to a group that already exists.  If it dragged below the list a blue bar appears and a new group is created.  The group can be renamed by hovering above the icon until New Group appears. 

Name group in Start menu

Moving a Group 

Once created a whole group of icons can be moved by dragging on the 2 lines to the right of the group name. 

Unpinning applications or groups 

Individual icons can be unpinned by right clicking on them and choosing Unpin from start.  Whole groups can be unpinned by right clicking on the 2 lines to the right of the group name and selecting Unpin group from start.  This does not delete them from the main list, it only removes them from the start pane. 

Unpin group

Changing the size of tiles 

Depending on the number of tiles you want to regularly access using the start pane you may decide to make the tiles larger or smaller.  Right click on the tile in the start pane and choose from the following 

  • Small 
  • Medium 
  • Wide 
  • Large 

Not all options will always be available. 

Resize tile


When you right click on the tile the option of Unistall is available.  Do not use this option unless you have no intention of using this feature again!! 

By spending a small amount of effort getting this set up as you require it time will be saved over and over again.

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