How do you Create Amazing Smart Art Graphics Quickly?

Jul 31, 2017 | Excel Hints and Tips, PowerPoint Hints and Tips, Word Hints and Tips

Ever heard of Microsoft Smart Art Graphics?  Make creation of dull diagrams a thing of the past using this amazing tool.  No more excuses for yet more bulleted lists in your Word or PowerPoint files.  Convert them to a quality visual at a click of a button.  If you want to make your documents more interesting, colourful and informative without spending hours then Smart Art Graphics is a must for you.

Smart Art GraphicsUntil Office 2007  there were only 6 diagrams that you could easily create.  Beyond that it was a laborious task of manually creating, resizing and aligning shapes to create the desired result.  And if you wanted to add a new point to the graphic, you may as well start again.  Not any more.

SmNow in Office 2016 there are over 200 pre-installed diagram types with plenty more available at  It is simple to change the look and feel of the diagram using the icons on the toolbars.  Or even to change the diagram to something else if it isn’t quite right when you see the result.  Some of the graphics even allow pictures to be added to make the final product unique to you and your business.

You may have even created a bullet or numbered list and decide something more visual would work better.  No need to start again.  Just select the bullet or numbered list and convert it.

SmartArt graphics is normally used in Word or PowerPoint files but is also available in Excel.  To start from scratch just click where you want the diagram to go.  Insert tab, Smart Art graphics.  Choose your layout from the ones provided and away you go.   The design and format tabs that appear when you are selected on the graphic enable any changes to be made.  If your one supports pictures you will see an image icon directly on the diagram which you select.

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