Having trouble making PowerPoint consistent?

Oct 9, 2018 | PowerPoint Hints and Tips, Uncategorised

One of the keys to a great presentation is making PowerPoint consistent.  Random animation effects, text and picture in slightly different positions as you go from one slide to another, different font types or colours all distract from the message the presenter is trying to get across.  Making these type of changes individually on each slide can be time-consuming and it’s difficult to achieve the consistency required.

This is where slide masters come in.  If you set up the master with anything you want the same across the slides or with consistent layout and formatting across the slides it will be used as a starting point.  It can even be used to modify slides already created to follow the new layout.

Using the Slide Master

From the view tab in PowerPoint select slide master. A new tab will appear near the start of the ribbon with the title Slide Master and what looks like a blank slide is shown.  On the left there are several thumbnails.  The first of these, I will call it the main slide master, controls every slide layout type so changes here are global.  Below this there are mini masters for each of the individual layouts currently available in the presentation.

Say, for example, we want to change the font type and colour for the headings for every slide type.  We go to the main master.  Click in the “click to edit master title style” box and make the amendments just like you would in a normal slide.  You do not normally change the content of the text on a slide master unless you any that specific text on every slide.  Maybe we also want a logo in the same position on every slide.  We can insert a picture in the location we require.  If we need every placeholder of a particular type animated this can be allocated here too.

To see the results click on close master view on the slide master tab to return to the presentation.  Any new slides now created will show the logo and if there is a title on the slide this will be in the format specified with the animation required.  If this needs to be altered then changes can be made in the main presentation for this one slide but the logo can only be adjusted from the master.

If just one slide type needs to be changed then return to the slide master and select the mini master related to the slide type you want to change.  Make the required alterations as before and then close the master view.  Any new slides of this type created apply the setup but other slide types will apply the main master.

The masters are also useful to update existing slides to a design just created. By selecting the home tab and reset we can reapply the new master of the layout originally applied to the slide so changing the design once slides have already been created does not need to be a disaster.

This option will make a huge difference is how easy it is to keep your presentation in PowerPoint consistent.

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