Collaborative Meeting agendas in Microsoft Teams

Sep 21, 2023 | Microsoft Teams Hints and Tips

Having an agenda for a Teams meeting can really help give the meeting structure and purpose.  Allowing any person invited to the meeting to be able to edit the same agenda before or during the meeting is a much more time efficient way to work.  This feature is new to Teams meetings and uses the loop component to enable the same content to be stored and be updated in several different places concurrently.  Follow up tasks can be assigned to individuals.

How to create the Meeting Agenda

The meeting agenda can be created when the meeting is initially created or added later once the topics for discussion have been confirmed.

When meeting is created

  1. Create a new meeting in the usual way making sure that a Subject for the meeting is included
  2. Scroll down to the bottom where the option of add an agenda others can edit can be seen
Add an agenda others can edit image

3. The title of the meeting will become the title of the meeting agenda.  A loop component has been created automatically to facilitate the collaborative aspect of this feature.

4. The agenda items can be added

Agenda with items image

5. When completed the meeting can be saved or sent as usual

Editing the agenda later

At any point the meeting can be edited and the agenda created or changed.

  1. Click on the meeting already created and Edit
  2. Steps 2 to 4 above are then followed
  3. Click on Close (the changes will automatically have been saved)

Updating the Meeting agenda from the live meeting

The same agenda can be updated with information while the meeting is taking place.  This will also update the agenda viewed from the meeting in the calendar after the meeting has ended.

  1. Join the meeting as you normally would
  2. The Meeting Notes pane will appear on the right of the meeting
  3. This can be amended by anyone in the meeting
  4. Meeting notes can be added to record key points that have been discussed in the meeting
  5. Follow up tasks can be assigned to individuals with due dates to ensure nothing is forgotten
Meeting notes pane image

6. As soon as a task has been assigned to someone a plan is created in planner, the task can be seen in the individuals to do list and an email is sent to the task owner.

7. The meeting notes loop component can be copied to others by clicking the ellipses at the top right and selecting copy component.  This would enable people not invited to the meeting to see it.

Copy component image

Reopening the Meeting Notes pane

If the meeting notes pane is closed it can be reopened by clicking on the Notes icon on the toolbar at the top of the meeting screen.

Notes icon image

Updating the tasks

Once a task has been completed it should be marked as done.  This can be done in the following places:

  • Editing the original meeting
  • Accessing the planner plan
  • From the to do list

Wherever these changes are made they will be reflected in all the other locations too.

Where are the meeting notes stored?

The meeting notes are stored in your One Drive in a folder called Meetings and can be accessed from here as well as the places already mentioned.

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