Collaborating with Microsoft Teams

Nov 14, 2019 | Microsoft 365 Hints and Tips

Microsoft Teams is one of the most powerful apps in the Office 365 setup.  It is a collaborative tool designed to enable groups of people to share their work files and edit them at the same time, to chat in a shared environment, communicate ideas using a shared One Note notebook and more.

Creating Teams

Any individual can create a Microsoft teams sites (depending on the setup of the company this is sometimes restricted to specific individuals).  So, if you are working on a project with a specific group of people then you can, on the fly, create a virtual location for you all to work.  This can then be divided into channels so that sub groups of people can work together with all their information in one place.  Each channel can be open to every member of the team or to only specific people from within the team!

Image of the main screen in Microsoft Teams

Team Notebooks

A OneNote notebook is created for each team automatically.  This is available to jot down ideas, share useful links and screen shots, add to-do lists to check everything gets completed.  This is available for all members of the team to add to at any time.  An ideal place to pool all your thoughts and ideas.

Team Conversations

The conversation part of teams is similar to a group in Facebook where you can start a conversation, other members in the team can respond and individuals can be tagged using the @ symbol.  Only people in that team can see and add to a team chat.

File attachments, emojis, gifs, stickers and videos can be added.

Team Meetings

Team meetings that are directly in a team or in a channel are automatically available to anyone in the team unless specific people are invited.  This means the whole team are aware of any meetings that are happening and can choose which ones are relevant to attend.  This makes for a much more open environment between the members.  Meetings can be scheduled or Meet Now allows the meeting to take place immediately. 

Image of a team meeting


Any files shared in any way from within a team can be accessed from the files tab.  These may be files that have been specifically uploaded for the team to work on or have been attached in a conversation or a meeting so no more issues with looking for documents in a variety of places until you find what you are looking for.

Image of team files

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