What can happen if correct training is not given?

Sep 14, 2017 | General, Uncategorised

Hand held devices

The latest project I am involved with is IT training but with handheld devices and counter top devices for a company selling and delivering plumbing products.  They are being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century replacing paper based systems with electronic devices.  This has been a totally new venture for me but really rewarding and vital for the company involved.  But what happens if the training is not given?

There have been 2 parts to the work.  Firstly the managers have attended either a one or two day course to learn what changes are going to be implemented, the benefits to them and the company and learning how to use the new technology.  The response to this has been very positive.  Despite initial reservations by some by the end of the session they can see the advantages and it doesn’t seem as daunting as it was.  In fact the kicking and screaming part hasn’t really happened by large!  The mangers then return to the branch with instructions on how to support their staff with the change.

The second part is supporting the company on their “go live” date.  Being in store to ensure the devices are being used correctly and going out with the drivers to help them follow correct procedures to help capture their drops correctly.  I didn’t realise how many stages there were to this process and the issues they have to deal with.

If the correct training has been done by the managers with their staff then this process goes quite smoothly.  Otherwise it can be a nightmare!!  Some managers have just assumed they can wing it on the day.  Suddenly there are customers waiting to be served and no one knows what to do.  Drivers are struggling with deliveries because they have not even seen the hand held device until that day and certainly not used it.  It has been the minority who have found themselves in this situation.

Training is vital.   This really shows what difference the correct support could have had on the staff and the customers.

If you require training on anything IT related (I’m not just a Microsoft Trainer!) then please contact me for further information.