Bullets Points in PowerPoint

Jun 7, 2019 | PowerPoint Hints and Tips, Uncategorised

Bulleted lists are regularly used in PowerPoint to produce key points that can be discussed as part of a presentation.  This article will explore some of the options you can change with these to customise your presentation.

Adding Bulleted Lists

There are 2 main options to add bullet points

  1. Choose a slide layout that contains “content”.  This content placeholder will default to bullet points
Image of a Title and Content Slide

2. Use a pre existing placeholder or add a shape/text box and click on the bullet icon on the Home tab.

Image of the Bullet icon

Changing the Bullet Point

On the Home tab, the bullets icon has the option to initially choose from 8 bullet points.  The option of bullets and numbering allows the size and colour of the bullet to be changed.  In addition, picture allows any picture to be used.  This could be a standard online image or a company logo.  If the picture option is used it needs to be a distinct image because it is so small.  The other choice is to use customise option.  This allows any symbol used in any font type to be used as a bullet point.  Some font types are made up of pictures rather than letters and numbers and so lend themselves more to this application.  Examples are the font types on windings and webdings.

Image to show how to change a bullet point in PowerPoint

Changing the Positioning of the Bullet Point and Corresponding Text

Image to show alignment icons

First, make sure that the ruler is switched on by ticking the check box on the view tab.  The location of the text and the bullet point can be altered by dragging the white triangle symbols to the required position.  The first triangle determines where the bullet point will be positioned, the second one where the text will be.  The square symbol just below will allow bullet point and text to be moved together.

Changing the Bullet Level

Image to show the icons used to increase and decrease the bullet levels

To add main and sub bullet points there are 2 options.  The tab key or the Increase List Level icon will go down a level.  Shift and tab or the Decrease List Level icon will move the other way.  In this manner multiple levels can be added.  By default each level gets smaller.  The default size and symbol for each level of bullet can be adjusted from the slide master.  These main and sub levels are used where there are main and sub points to show on the slide.

Converting to SmartArt

To convert a bullet list to a funky looking graphic is easy if you change your mind.  The option of Convert to SmartArt on the Home tab gives choices of graphic designs.  Once created all the standard SmartArt graphic options are available.

Image to show SmartArt graphic options

Although this article is discussing Bullet points in PowerPoint many of the ideas mentioned are the same or very similar in Microsoft Word.

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