Bookable Times in Outlook Online

Mar 16, 2023 | Outlook Hints and Tips

Do you find that you sometimes want to give people several options of times to book with you but are fed up with the backwards and forwards email communication required to make that happen?  Then bookable times could be exactly what you have been waiting for.  You can suggest several times for your client, they choose a time slot and everything is automated.

This feature is only available in Outlook for the web as part of the Microsoft 365 suite.

How to use Bookable Time

  1. In Outlook for the web navigate to the calendar 
  2. Click on the Drop down for New Event and select Bookable Time
Bookable time dialog box image

3. Add a title and choose the meeting duration

4. Choose when you are available.  Click Change Availability if you don’t want to be available during all your working hours.  Note that people can only book time during the hours you specify and when you don’t have a conflict

5. Select whether the bookable time is Public or Private.  This determines whether everyone with a link to your booking page will be able to see this or just those that have a direct link to this bookable time

6. Add a room or location if required

7. Choose if the meeting will be via Teams meeting

8. Add a Description if required

9. Click on Create

Share Bookable Time

  1. At this point the bookable time can still be edited by clicking Edit Bookable Time
  2. A link can be shared by clicking the Share button to share via email or to add it to the signature or Copy Link allows the link to be pasted anywhere such as meeting chat or a conversation in teams
Bookable time share image

3. The screen on the right shows a preview of what the people receiving the link will see.  At this point the times will not take into account calendar entries you already have.  Click on View Booking Page to see an accurate representation of this

Booking page image

4. There is an option to change the Time Zone on this page if meeting with people in different regions

Edit Booking Page

The booking page summarises the bookable times that have been set up whether these are private or public.

  1. Click on Edit Booking Page text on the left side of the calendar page
Edit booking page image

2. Use the ellipses in the banner section to change the banner image or turn off the booking page so no one can make any bookings

My booking page image

3. The Share button next to this allows a link to the page to be copied, shared via email or added to the email signature

4. With a Bookable time already created you can Copy Link, Share, Duplicate, Make Private or Public (depending on the setting already applied) or Delete from the ellipses at the top right of it

5. New bookable times can also be created using the ‘+’ in ether the Public or Private sections

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