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Feb 29, 2024 | Excel Hints and Tips

Over the last few years I have written many blogs about the functions that there are available in Microsoft Excel.  Here I consolidate these into one comprehensive list.  These cover many of the old favourites but also some of the newer ones that regularly drop in Microsoft 365.  Bear in mind that not all the functions will be available in all the versions especially the first ones mentioned in this table which are those that have been added more recently.

Function: TEXT JOIN

Application: Joins the information in multiple cells together

Link to blog: TEXTJOIN Function

Function: VSTACK and HSTACK

Application: Stack data below or beside each other

Link to blog: How to stack data above or beside each other using VSTACK and HSTACK Functions


Application: Select specific rows or columns or change order

Link to blog: How to select specific rows and columns using the CHOOSEROWS and CHOOSECOLS Functions

Function: TAKE and DROP

Application: Keep or remove rows or columns

Link to blog: Using TAKE and DROP functions to keep or remove rows or columns from data

Function: EXPAND

Application: Expands an array to a specific number of rows and columns

Link to blog: Using the EXPAND Function to expand an array


Application: Transforms a list to a block of data with a certain number of rows and columns

Link to blog: WRAPROWS and WRAPCOLS Functions in Microsoft Excel

Function: XLOOKUP

Application: Looks up data in a table

Link to blog: Using the XLOOKUP Function in Excel


Application: Create a random set of numbers, a sequence of numbers or finds unique values

Link to blog: RANDARRAY, SEQUENCE and UNIQUE Dynamic Array Functions in Microsoft Excel


Application: Sort and filter data

Link to blog: How to Sort and Filter using Dynamic Array Functions in Microsoft Excel

Function: DATE Functions

Application: A variety of date manipulations

Link to blog: Top 7 Excel Date functions


Application: Splits data into multiple columns

Link to blog: Splitting data into columns using the new TEXTSPLIT, TEXTBEFORE and TEXTAFTER Functions

Function: IFS

Application: Perform multiple outcomes based on multiple conditions

Link to blog: IFS Function

Function: SWITCH

Application: An alternative to VLOOKUP or XLOOKUP

Link to blog: How do you SWITCH data in Excel?


Application: Extract data, combine data, change case and clean data

Link to blog: Top 4 Ways to Manipulate Text using Functions

Function: VLOOKUP

Application: Lookup data in a table

Link to blog: Lookup data from an Excel Table


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