Attendance Register in Microsoft Teams

Jan 5, 2023 | Microsoft Teams Hints and Tips

When you are running a meeting in Microsoft Teams it can be useful to have a list of those that have attended the meeting.  This may be because you are running a session for an external company and they aren’t attending the meeting themselves or for an internal meeting so you have a record of who was present and therefore received the information communicated.

The attendance list is automatically saved in the background when the first person joins the meeting.  The list can be downloaded as an Excel file from the meeting that is still running or from the meeting in the calendar in Microsoft Teams after the event.

Downloading a list of attendees from the meeting

This is useful if you have just finished the meeting, everyone else has left and you know you need to get an attendance list.

  1. Click on the People icon on the ribbon to bring up the people pane

2. Click on the ellipses (More actions) at the top of the pane

3. Click on Download Attendance list

Download attendance list from meeting image

4. The CSV file produced will be available in your downloads folder

Downloading a list of attendees after the meeting

This is great if you have finished your meeting and you later decide that you need a list of those that have attended.

  1. Navigate to the calendar in the Microsoft Teams App
  2. Click on the meeting you need the attendance for
  3. Click on Edit
  4. Click on the Attendance tab to see when individuals joined and left the meeting
  5. To view more information this can be downloaded as a CSV file by clicking the Download button
  6. The file will be available in your downloads folder

What information is contained in the download?

The download contains summary information regarding the whole meeting.  This covers the meeting title, number of participants, start and end times, meeting duration and average attendance time.  Be aware that is someone logs in using 2 devices then they will be counted as 2 different attendees.

There are also details for each participant.  This provides their name, first join and last leave times, time in the meeting, email address, participant ID and Role.

Finally, there are in meeting activities.


  • Only meeting organizers and co-organizers can view and download attendance reports.
  • After the meeting the report doesn’t always appear immediately so be patient!!

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