Adding the Canva App to Microsoft Teams

Sep 7, 2023 | Microsoft Teams Hints and Tips

I have been using Canva for many years now and found it super useful for creating graphics for social media.  But imagine having this available directly from Teams.  Without leaving the Microsoft Teams environment you can nip into Canva and start collaborating with others.

Adding the Canva App to Teams

  1. Open Microsoft Teams and click on the Apps icon on the left
  2. This allows you to choose from a huge range of collaborative apps
  3. Type Canva in the Search box in the Apps pane
Search Apps image

4. Click on Add then Add again

5. Canva will now be available in the pane on the left

6. When you click away it will disappear but can easily be used again by clicking on the ellipses on the left then choosing Canva

Pinning the Canva App

If you are using the app regularly then you may choose to pin it to the pane

  1. Bring up the Canva App as before
  2. Right click on the icon and click Pin

Unpinning the Canva App

To unpin the app repeat the process for pinning but choose Unpin instead

Getting Started with Canva

  1. When you first set up Canva a notification appear allowing you to sign in or take a tour.
Canva bot image

2. Take a Tour shows a 3 slide show explaining how Canva sends notifications and can be used to collaborate all directly within Teams

3. Sign in requires permissions for the Canva app to access certain information

Permissions Requested image

4. You can only Sign into Canva with the same email account as you are using for Teams.  It will also not work if you are using Single Sign on in Canva. 

The process of adding any other apps is the same as for Canva.  This allows you to totally customise your Teams interface with those products that you use frequently improving your productivity and making it easier to navigate from one App to another.


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