Hello! I am Lara Mellor.

I am an experienced Microsoft training consultant and owner of Lara Mellor Training and Consultancy.

I am a qualified and experienced trainer, specialising in Microsoft products including Excel, Power BI,  Project and more!

With a mathematical and analytical background I can understand the problems of dealing with large volumes of data and train staff to quickly be able to get useful results that can improve productivity and show insights into business data using a variety of Microsoft products.

My business was established in 2000, originally in Berkshire – however I moved to Warkworth, Northumberland in 2016.

As a small independent training provider you will get a more personal service and a consistency of trainers you rarely get with the big corporations.

I can train in small groups of two to eight people or deliver one-to-one training and drop-in sessions.


In this day and age, you can Google the answer to just about anything, so why do you even need a trainer?

Here are just some of the reasons you do…

  • You will learn more, in a shorter space of time.
  • All delegates will be hands-on, which means they retain more than just watching a tutorial or reading an article.
  • Any specific questions that arise as the training is progressing can be answered immediately. This includes working with a delegates own examples to see exactly how it fits in with their own job role when appropriate.
  • The individuals being trained will learn to work more efficiently saving them time, and often frustration, which in turn saves the company money.
  • Courses consist of modules, each of which lasts 90 minutes. A days training would consist of 4 modules, chosen by you, to fit the specific needs of the delegates attending. This could even be a mix of products if required. i.e. two modules of Excel and one of PowerPoint. This will give you real flexibility to match your company’s training requirements.
  • The modular approach gives the option of having a different mix of delegates on the different modules in the day, meaning delegates can go back to their offices after (or even between) modules.
  • Groups are a maximum of 8 which allows each attendee enough time for specific one-to-one support throughout the course.
  • Training can takes place at your own premises, using your own computers which cuts down on travel time/costs and means training is delivered using whichever version of the software your company has installed.
  • Sessions can also be run remotely using Microsoft Teams enabling delegates from different locations to attend the same session.
  • One-to-one drop in sessions can also be run in 1.5 blocks targeting individual specific problems.
  • Often shorter sessions can be run which may suit individuals with specific requirements.
  • Before the course, a ‘training needs analysis’ can be carried out to make sure all delegates get the most from the sessions.
  • Evaluations are carried out at the end of the training sessions to ensure training needs have been met and this feedback is passed back to the company.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch today to book your Microsoft or IT training.

Remember, you can pick and choose your own modules to be sure your team gets the best out of the training and can learn valuable skills that they’ll be able to use within your business straight away. 

Remember, training can be delivered to groups or on a one-to-one level at your own business premises or a nearby location (room hire fees will apply).  Sessions can be run online too.