Invest Time to Save Time

Jul 4, 2017 | General, Uncategorised

Money and clockAs a  trainer we need to practice what we preach.  We tell clients the benefits of training, how it can improve productivity, reduce errors in data etc. but all so often we neglect our own training requirements and let our own personal development slip. Recently I attended a Microsoft Power BI desktop course, the first computer training course I have attended as a delegate in ages. Not only did I learn lots of hints and tips about the product, I also saw a different training style which I can use to provide more variety in my own training delivery.   Seeing the trainers role  from the other side of the fence opened my eyes to other options which I will certainly use  on some of my own courses.  Through further courses  I have also been learning about digital marketing and website design providing me with more insight into other areas of IT.  We are all busy at work but, in my opinion, we should all make the time to re skill at every opportunity.  We need to invest time to save time.  So why not get that course you have always been meaning to attend booked today.