6 Windows 11 Tips

May 19, 2022 | Windows 11 Hints and Tips

Do you want to know some really cool things you can do with Windows 11?  Here are 6 tips and tricks to check out. (Some of these will work with Windows 10 too so always worth trying if you haven’t yet updated to the latest version of the software.) 

Night light 

Night light changes your colours to a warmer colours on your display to help you sleep.  As well as turning it on and off manually the strength can be set and the time it automatically turns on and off can be set 

  1. Right click the Desktop 
  2. Select Display Settings 
  3. Turn Night Light on 
Night light in Windows

Turn off Desktop icons 

If you are going to be sharing your screen with others you may not want them to see the mess you have on your desktop.  By turning off your desktop icons you will have the tidiest desktop ever!!  And once that meeting is over you can switch them back on. 

  1. Right click the Desktop 
  2. Select View 
  3. Turn off show desktop icons 
Show desktop icons in Windows 11

Multiple pasting 

The first time you use this option you will need to switch it on but once that has been done you are ready to go.  You can copy many times and when you paste using the shortcut below you can decide what to paste and in what order.  The Clipboard can hold up to 24 items. If you copy a twenty-fifth item, the first item on the Office Clipboard is deleted.  The items on the clipboard can be cleared if you want a clean slate. 

  1. Copy Multiple items 
  2. Use the shortcut Windows + V 
  3. Choose what to paste 
Multiple paste

Navigate to an application quickly 

The number of applications you have in Windows 11 will be large and trying to navigate to a specific one if it isn’t in your main list can be time consuming.  See how much time you can save with this option. 

  1. Click on the Start button 
  2. Click on All Apps 
  3. Type in the first letter of the app you want to use 
  4. You can now navigate through a much shorter list 

Steps Recorder App 

This app records what you are doing in both words and taking a screen shot of what you see at each step.  It can be a useful starting point if you are creating a how to guide or similar. 

  1. From the Start button 
  2. Select All Apps 
  3. Open the Steps Recorder App 
  4. Click Start Record 
  5. Complete the steps you need to do 
  6. Click Stop Record 
  7. Save the results if required 
Steps recorder app

Dark Theme 

Dark theme switches from working with a white background and dark text to a dark background and white text.  This is easier on the eye and the default that many mobile devices now use. 

  1. Right click the Desktop 
  2. Select Personalise 
  3. Choose Colours 
  4. Change your Mode from Light to Dark 
Choose your mode

Many applications will automatically inherit this.

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