5 Ways to change your calendar view in Outlook

Jun 16, 2021 | Outlook Hints and Tips

Getting your calendar set up the way you need to use it can make huge improvements to your productivity. Here are my top 5 tips on changing the calendar views.

Add 2nd Time Zone 

If you are working in an international company being able to see the time zone other employees will be using when arranging meetings can be really helpful. No one wants to be invited to a meeting in the middle of the night!! 

  1. To make the changes go to the File tab, select Options and go to the Calendar tab 
  2. In the time zones section choose a label for your primary time zone 
  3. Tick the box to show the 2nd time zone and give that a label and choose the time zone for that region 
  4. Repeat for a 3rd time zone if required 
Add a 2nd timezone to Outlook

Colour Code Meetings

Categories can be used to colour code meetings.  This can make it easier to see how your days are structured and what proportion of your time is spent on which activities. 

  1. Open up a meeting already created or make the change while initially setting up the meeting. 
  2. The categories can be customised for your own requirements by going to the All Categories option and selecting the colours you prefer and providing a meaningful label. 
Colour Code Meetings in Outlook with Categorize

The categories can also be used in emailing, tasks and other parts of Outlook. 

Show the Weather

The weather is already switched on but shows initially for Washington D.C.  By changing the weather to show for your own location you can leave home suitably dressed for the day or allow that extra time to de-ice the car in the morning. 

  1. Change the location by clicking on the drop down to the left of the weather and add a new location. 
Add Weather to Outlook

2. The temperature can be swapped between Celsius and Fahrenheit or switched off by going to the File tab, Options, Calendar Tab and changing the information in the weather section. 

Change Timescale 

The timescale effects how information shows in the day, work week and week arrangements only.  It allows you to see more or less info  

  1. Go to the View tab, View settings and other settings.  Change the scale to anything from 5 to 60 min intervals 
Timescale in Outlook

Overlap Calendars

If you are viewing multiple calendars they can be overlapped. This could be useful if you want a summary of who is working on what, when for your department or a team in a project. 

  1. Open up 2 calendars 
  2. Click on the left pointing arrow to the left of the 2nd calendar 
  3. To remove the overlap click on the arrow that now points right 

Have a think about which of these options are going to have the greatest impact and give them a go. 

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