5 video features in PowerPoint including animated GIFs

Jun 25, 2020 | PowerPoint Hints and Tips

Beyond the obvious option of inserting a video file into a PowerPoint presentation there are several other options worth looking into from helping compatibility to reducing file size, from creating a video to send or an animated GIF to use in social media (my new favourite).

1. Insert video

This has 2 options, both available under the video icon on the Insert tab.

Insert online video gives the option of streaming video from YouTube, Vimeo or Microsoft Stream.  Do be aware that you will need to be connected to the internet for these to run when you are presenting.

Insert Video on my PC uses video files that are stored on your computer and the following file formats are supported.  Once inserted video format and playback tabs appear on the ribbon and can be used to edit the video.  For full video editing capability video editing software would be required.

  • Windows Video File (.asf or .avi)
  • MP4 Video file (.mp4 or .m4v or .mov
  • Adobe Flash Medi (.swf)
  • Windows Media Video File (.wmv)

2. Optimize media compatibility

The is useful if you will be running the presentation on another computer.  This option is available from the file menu, and info but only if there is a media clip in the presentation that needs optimizing.

3. Compress files

Media clips take up a lot of memory.  The media size and performance can be improved by using the Compress files icon.  This is available in the same place as the optimize media capability option.  It is available as long as a media file exists in the presentation.  The levels of compression are Full HD, HD or standard depending on where and how you need to use the presentation.

4. Create a video

Available under the export section of the File tab this creates a video from the presentation which you can burn to disc, upload to the web or email.  The resolution of the file and whether it progresses using recorded timing or after a period of time can be set.

5. Create an animated GIF

This is great for social media.  A series of slides can be created and when you create an animated GIF from the export section of the file tab this creates a moving image.  The speed of the change of image is chosen as part of the export process.

Video content is a great addition to a presentation helping to provide variety for the viewer.  These options show additional functionality on the video front that can help in your video use.

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