5 top time saving tips when emailing in Outlook

Jun 15, 2023 | Outlook Hints and Tips

Here are some top tips to speed up your way of working in Microsoft Outlook.  I’m sure that most of these actions you have already been using but hopefully these tips will make the process much quicker and more efficient.

Add emails to a calendar

This is useful if you have received an email and now need to have a meeting to discuss the content of it.  Having the original email content in the body of the meeting can be really helpful.

  1. Drag and drop the email to the Calendar View on the navigation bar
Calendar view image

2. An appointment is automatically created with a default date and time that need to be amended

3. People need to be added to change this to a meeting

4. Click Send to send the meeting request

This can be done in reverse if there is a calendar meeting or appointment that needs to be sent as an email.

Add Business Card to an email

To do this your details must already have been entered as a contact in the people section of Outlook.

  1. Create a new email
  2. Drag and drop the contact onto the email (the email and contact must both be visible on the screen to do this)
  3. The contact will appear as an Outlook Item file attachment
Business Card image

If you receive an email with a card attached then this can be dragged into the people section of outlooking a similar way creating a new contact.

Add files to an email

The usual way to add a file is to use the Attach File icon but her is another option

  1. Open file explorer and navigate to where the file to be attached is stored
  2. Create a new email
  3. Drag and drop the file to the email.  This will be added as a copy of the original file.

Once again the same applies in reverse to copy an attached file so it is stored in a logical place on your system for future use.

View calendar in a separate window

This might be useful if you want to be reading an email and checking your bookings in your calendar at the same time

  1. Right click the calendar icon in the navigation pane
  2. Choose Open in New Window
Open in new window image

This will work for any of the sections of Outlook in the navigation pane in a similar way

Using the clipboard to Copy and Paste more effectively

This option could be added to time saving tips for most Microsoft products so feel free to use it there if preferred.  This is particularly useful if lots of different blocks of data are to be copied and then pasted in a different order.

  1. Open the file the data is to be copied from.  This could be Word, Excel etc
  2. Open the clipboard options at the bottom of the clipboard section
  3. The last few items copied will still be available on the clipboard pane and Clear All can give you a clean sheet if preferred
Clipboard pane

4. Select the fist block of text to be copied and copy using your favourite method

5. Repeat this process for the second and subsequent blocks

6. These will now be listed in the clipboard pane ready for reuse

7. Go back to Outlook and create a new email

8. Compose this as normal until you need to add text from the clipboard

9. At this point click on the text to be added

10. The text can be left in the clipboard pane for future use or the drop down arrow allows it to be deleted

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