5 steps to create Microsoft Forms

Jul 2, 2020 | Microsoft 365 Hints and Tips

Microsoft Forms is a form creation app.  It can be used to produce surveys, quizzes and polls and is part of the Microsoft 365 suite.

There are so many apps available in Microsoft 365 and this is a little cracker!!  It is so simple to use and something that anyone who has been using paper based forms should be considering particularly while much business is being conducted online during lockdown.  It even lets you export the results to Microsoft Excel to enable analysis of the responses to be easily conducted.

To get started open the Form app from the Microsoft 365 dashboard and choose to produce either a New Form or a New Quiz.  The options are quite similar so this article will focus on a form.

Image of Microsoft Forms

Step 1: Title

Add a title including a picture if needed.  This may be a company logo.

Step 2: Questions

Start adding questions by clicking on the Add New button.  There are 8 different types that can be used.  All types can be set to required forcing them to be filled in.

Choice – used for multiple choice answers.  Multiple answers can be accepted if required.

Text – a free text box

Rating – this is either a star or number rating

Date – allows for only dates to be entered

Ranking – these can be dragged to rank into the order required

Likert – creates a grid with 1 or more questions with the same responses for each

File Upload – allows the person filling in the form to upload a file

Net Promoter Score – a scale from 0 to 10 with 0 being not likely at all and 10 extremely likely

Sections can be added to subdivide the form so it is easier to use

Step 3: Branching and subtitles

Add branching if required.  This allows for sections of the report can be missed out by providing a button to go to a particular question.  Also subtitles can be added containing extra information for the respondent for each question if required.

Step 4: Themes

Choose a theme.  This might be a colour or a predetermined design

Step 5: Share

Share a link to the form.  This may be sent via email to the recipients or added to a website for example.  Responses will be emailed back and can be seen on the responses tab for the form.  The results can be exported by clicking Open in Excel.

This may not be as flexible as some other form production software out there but it’s simple to use and free if you already have a Microsoft 365 subscription (depending on the subscription you have signed up to).  Why not have a go today.

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