5 New Features in Teams meetings

Apr 7, 2022 | Microsoft Teams Hints and Tips

New features are appearing in Microsoft Teams meetings all the time and it’s difficult to keep on top of the changes. Here are 5 changes that have occurred recently that might make all the difference to you.

Assign a new meeting organiser in breakout rooms

One of the short comings of breakout rooms was that the meeting organiser was the only one who could create and manage them. This has now changed and other presenters can be set to manage the breakout rooms either before the meeting starts or while the meeting is in progress. This can be particularly useful for managers and their Pas where the PA regularly sets up meetings on behalf of the manager but would probably not be expected to be at the meeting. More detailed information on this feature can be accessed from here.

Lock the meeting

It can be really annoying when you are part way through a meeting and people are still joining. Missing the start of the session can be disruptive to others thoughout the whole meeting causing points to be recapped again and again as questions on information that has already been covered are asked. Lock the meeting to stop others joining by following these steps:

  1.  Bring up the Participants pane
  2. Click on the ellipses
  3. Choose Lock the meeting
Lock the meeting

Once the meeting has been locked no one else can join but invitees can still access the meeting chat, the recording and other meeting info.

At any point the meeting can be unlocked by following steps 1 and 2 above then choosing Unlock the Meeting.

Lower all Hands

The meeting organiser has been able to lower raised hands one at a time for a while now but in large groups this has been unworkable and the only other option is to ask the participants to lower their hands themselves.

The option to Lower all Hands is accessed from the same place as Lock the Meeting. It will only be available if hands are raised.

Lower all hands

Mirror my Video

The default for Microsoft Teams is that participants see your video the right way round but you see your own video back to front which can particularly be an issue if there is text. The option to turn this off can be done when you join the meeting by turning Mirror My Video off in device settings. Alternatively, device settings can be accessed from the ellipses while in a meeting and changed from there instead.

Mirror my video

Record Teams meetings automatically

If you have ever got part way through a meeting then realised you should be recording it then this option is going to be really useful for you.

  1. Access the Meeting Options from the Meeting created in the calendar in Outlook or Teams Turn on Record Automatically
Record automatically

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