3 New Teams features you might have missed

Aug 17, 2023 | Microsoft Teams Hints and Tips

Microsoft continues its updates to Microsoft team meetings by rolling out more new features over the last few months.  Here are 3 of the latest.

Assign seats in Together Mode

Together mode has been around for a while now and gives you the ability to sit people in an auditorium, amphitheatre, bubbles or more rather than faces in square boxes.  The theory is that this layout is more similar to what we see in real life and is less tiring than the conventional layout we normally use.

  1. From the Teams meeting click on the View icon
  2. Choose Together mode
View menu image

3. If the Assign Seats button is not available click on Change scene

4. Choose a scene then click Assign seats

5. A list of the meeting participants is viewed on the left and individuals can be dragged to their preferred seat.

6. Click Assign

Assign seats dialog box image

7. A message will appear telling you that this mode has been selected for everyone

NOTE:  When choosing the scene the number in the top right is the maximum number of attendees this view supports.

Return to Gallery View

  1. Click in the View button
  2. Select Gallery

Lower All Hands

Rather than getting each meeting attendee to lower their hands or as the presenter having to lower hands one by one this feature allows all the hands to be lowered at the same time.  This option is only available when at least one hand is raised.

  1. Bring up the Participants pane by clicking on the People icon
People icon

2. Click on Lower All Hands

Video effects

Video effects consist of backgrounds, filters and avatars (avatars will not be covered here).  The backgrounds are useful to apply if you are in a meeting and don’t want people to see what is behind you.  This has been around for a while but there are many new images available for use.  The filters are more fun and may not be suitable for all meetings you attend depending on your audience.

  1. From the meeting click on More then Effects and avatars
  2. A video effects pane will appear on the right
  3. The first section allows you to include a background.  This includes the option to blur or even add a video
Backgrounds image

4. If you are using a coloured screen behind you then Click on the Green Screen Settings if you are planning on using a background to make this feature work better

5. In addition Filters can be added.  These are divided into Frames, Styles and Snapchat

a. Frames – you can choose from a number of frames that appear around the edge of the window

b. Styles – These change the hue of the page

c. Snapchat – for fun you can add glasses, love hearts, cats and many more!!

Filters image

6. Once the filter has been chosen click Preview to view it or Apply to action it

Remove Video effects

  1. From the meeting click on More, then Effects and avatars
  2. A video effects pane will appear on the right
  3. To remove the background choose None in the Background section
  4. To remove all filters choose None in the Filters section
  5. Click on the Apply button

NOTE:  These options are also available to change before you enter the meeting if you prefer from the screen you initially see when you Join the meeting


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