3 Conversation improvements in Teams

Oct 12, 2023 | Microsoft Teams Hints and Tips

Conversations have been a great place to communicate with your team members since teams began but over the years there have been many changes that have been made.  The latest 3 don’t change the functionality of team conversations but does improve productivity with some new tweaks. 

General Conversation improvements

New conversations now sit at the top of the conversation page which is more inline with other packages.  When you start a new conversation there is immediately the option of a post or announcement.  Most conversations are likely to be posts but announcements are useful if you have something important to shout about.



  1. From the conversations screen in Teams click on Post or Start a new post.
Start a new post image

2. The post automatically shows a subject line, much like in emails.  This gives the conversation thread a title and all conversations below this should be related to this topic.  This makes it easier to find a conversation you are looking for in future and gives clarity to the team members as to the content of this conversation.

New post image

3. Additional text is added where it says Type a new message before clicking on the Post button at the bottom.



  1. From the conversations screen in Teams click on Announcement.
Announcement image

2. In the Type a headline box type a meaningful title for the announcement.

3. Use the colour scheme icon at the bottom right of this box to change the colour of the box if required.

4. A subheading can be added along with the general text for the post.

NOTE:  If the post type has been chosen and needs to be changed them click on the Post Type icon next to the Post button at the bottom of the message.

NOTE: The settings icon that looks the same as the colour scheme icon but sits at the top right of the post gives the option of changing who can reply to posts (an announcement may not require a response if it is for information only) and whether it is posted in more than just this channel.

Pop out Conversation

Any post can be popped out into a window of its own.  This is useful if you want to keep an eye on any communication on a particular subject while you are working on something else.

  1. Click on the ellipses at the top right of any conversation.
  2. Choose Pop out conversation.
Pop out conversation image

Summary Channel Information

Summary channel information is now shown in a pane on the right-hand side of the conversation.  This shows details such as the people in the channel, description, when certain changes were made with the ability to manage the channel and its notifications from here too.

Summary channel information image

My favourite feature is that it also shows pinned conversations.  These used to just show as a pin symbol next to the conversation and you had to scroll to see them but now any conversations pinned can quickly be accessed from the Channel Information pane.  When a conversation is pinned it is pinned for everyone who has access to that channel not just for you.

  1. To pin a conversation lick on the ellipses at the top right of the conversation
  2. Select Pin (see image for pop out conversation).

NOTE: Once pinned repeating these steps will give the option to Unpin instead.

  1. To access the full pinned post at a later date click on the pinned conversation in the pane
  2. Once you have finished working on the pinned post click on Go to Channel at the top of the pane to view all the conversations again.

NOTE: To hide and unhide the Channel Information pane click on the appropriate Close or Open Channel Details icon.

Close Channel Details image

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