2 ways to compare information in a Microsoft Word document

Aug 12, 2021 | Microsoft Office Hints and Tips

A short while ago I wrote a blog about how you can view 2 different sheets in Excel at the same time and it has proved so popular I thought that the equivalent in Microsoft Word would be useful too. 

If you are working on a long Word document you may need to be able to compare information in different sections or copy and paste information from one place to another.  Although it is possible to do it without the methods detailed here the 2 options mentioned here will prove to be hugely beneficial. 


By clicking on the Split icon on the View tab the document you are working on gets a horizontal line that splits the document roughly in half. 


The documents above and below the split are actually the same but can be scrolled independently.  This means that you can view different parts of the document at the same time which is perfect for comparison of the information but can also be used to move or copy data from one place to another more effectively. 

The split line can be moved by hovering over it until the cursor becomes a double ended arrow and then clicking and dragging.  This enables the proportions shown in the top and bottom parts of the screen to be changed. 

The Split icon become a Remove Split icon when the split is in place and can be clicked to remove the split line.  Alternatively the split line can be dragged to the top or bottom of the screen and it automatically disappears. 

New Window and Arrange 

Another option is to create a second version of the file by using the New Window icon. 

New window

The document will now have a version with “- 1” at the end and another with “- 2”.  Again these are actually the same document although it may not look like it! 

If View Side by Side is chosen then rather than seeing the 2 versions of the file top and bottom on the screen they are now left and right.  By default both versions of the document will scroll together but if Synchronous scrolling is turned off then they can be scrolled independently.  This can be turned back on whenever this option is required. 

If you need to revert to seeing one version of the file at a time View Side by Side is clicked on to turn it off. 

Once 1 of the versions of the file is closed you stop viewing the 2 versions of the same file and the file name returns to what it was originally without the number at the end. 

This has been a really popular feature on my Microsoft Word courses recently. 

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